5 Things No Boat Should Be Without

Westport Marina Lake Norman Boat Blog


Slowly but surely the winter weather is leaving and boating season on Lake Norman is fast approaching! Now is the time to start preparing your boat by stocking all the necessary equipment you’ll need to safely enjoy boating Lake Norman this summer. Here are five things no boat should be without:


1. Personal Flotation Devices – Lifejackets are the best way to stay safe on the water – but they only work if you wear them! Be sure that you have a lifejacket for everyone on board, that they fit properly, and that they wear them while the boat is in motion. It’s also a good idea to keep a life ring or buoy as well.


2. First Aid Kit – Hopefully you’ll never have to use your boat’s first aid kit, but it should be readily available and fully stocked just in case. A good first aid kit will include bandages, alcohol wipes, seasickness medicine, gauze and gloves. It’s also a good idea to put a bottle of water with your first aid kit, in case of dehydration. If there’s room, a whistle to signal for help isn’t a bad idea either.


3. Duct Tape – Every handyman knows that duct tape can fix just about any problem! Duct tape can help a boater temporarily fix busted latches, ripped seats, and any number of other problems. Keep a roll in a waterproof container just in case.


4. GPS – At 51 square miles and 520 miles of shoreline, Lake Norman is the biggest manmade body of water in North Carolina. That is to say, it’s not hard to get lost out there! Having a good Global Positioning Satellite service can really help avoid getting lost. Most of today’s cell phones contain GPS functionality. That means the same Google Maps app that helps you get directions in your car can help you on Lake Norman too! And if you get really lost while renting a boat, don’t worry, because Westport Marina can help find you and bring you safely back to shore!


5. Fire Extinguisher – A fire extinguisher is an essential tool for the safety of any boat. Having a fire extinguisher aboard can be the difference between a minor mishap and something more tragic. Check annually to make sure your extinguisher is fully charged and ready to work.


Westport Marina’s boat store has these and other great supplies to help keep you prepared on the water. Once you know your family is safe then you’ll be worry free to enjoy a relaxing day boating on Lake Norman!