Do’s and Don’ts of Lake Norman Fishing

Charlotte is home to many Lake Norman fishing enthusiasts, and the problem they most often come across is finding the best place on the lake to cast their line. Sadly, there is no one location that is perfectly full of fish all year round. In fact, the fish’s’ location change every day, every hour in fact! 

“Understanding their swimming patterns and habits can be the key difference between bringing back a prize catch or docking your boat empty handed,” said Lowry Hobbs of Westport Marina.

Water Temperature

More or less, the fish you want to track are going to be in cooler water. During the summer, fish migrate into deeper water, which can be found in the middle or center of the lake, to beat the heat. That means during the early spring and the fall months, fish will be located closer to shore in the shallow water.

What Time is it?

Think about when you go to eat – most likely you have breakfast when you wake up and dinner at the end of your day. “Fish follow a similar pattern,” said Lowry. “They will be on the hunt for their meal an hour before and after sunrise, and an hour before and after sunset.” Just like humans who snack throughout the day, you’ll still be able to find a fish in the middle of the fisherman on the boatday looking for a bite!


Look for Calm Waters

Fish like to hangout in places where the water is still or only slightly moving. Watch out for how the water is acting where you are casting a line. If it’s windy that day or if a water skier has recently passed by, the water will be choppy and more turbulent.

I Caught it! Can I Keep it?

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has regulations regarding the minimum size limit a fish has to be if you want to keep it. If the fish fails to meet the size requirement, then you must throw it back:

  • Crappie: 8” minimum
  • Largemouth, Smallmouth & Spotted Bass: 14” minimum
  • Striped & Bodie Bass: 16” minimum
  • Walleye: 15” minimum
  • All other types: No set minimum


Enjoy Lake Norman Fishing With Us!

We offer boat rentals to get you out in the action and fishing in Lake Norman. Our marina store also has fishing gear to ensure you have everything you need before heading out. If you have any questions or you would like to reserve your boat rental, please call Westport Marina at 704-483-5172. We look forward to seeing you!