An Easy Guide To Naming Your Boat

You finally bought the boat that you have been dreaming of for years. You can sail or motor on Lake Norman any time you wish, invite friends on board and watch the sunset on Friday nights after a long work week. But now comes the very important task of naming your new vessel. This nautical tradition isn’t to be taken very lightly because it’s an even bigger deal if you decide to rename your boat (we’ll explain below).

Boat naming started when sailors named their vessels after gods, goddesses or saints in hopes that it will bring them good luck on their voyage.

Keep Your New Boat Name Simple

It’s best to keep the name of your boat to less than three words. Not only does it look better on your boat, but it’s for safety reasons. You want to keep the name simple so that it can be quickly relayed to safety officers on the lake in case there is an emergency involving your boat or anyone on board.

A guide by Westport Marina to naming your new boat before heading out Lake Norman

Special Meaning

Think of anything in your life that has a special meaning that you would like to put on your boat. Maybe your childhood home, your alma mater or a special saying.

Boats can often be named after family members, especially women. It’s been a mystery as to why boats are named after women but one theory is that sailors would name boats after goddesses and other female mythical figures.

Be “Punny”

Give the people passing by your boat a good laugh!

Here are some good nautical puns to help inspire the name of your vessel:

  • Buoys of Summer
  • Fear Knot
  • Artifishal
  • Knot On Duty

A guide by Westport Marina to naming your new boat before heading out Lake Norman

Boat Renaming Superstition

Sailors believe that renaming a boat is bad luck, which is why giving your vessel a good name is so important.

While renaming your boat is frowned upon, it can still be done as long as you go through a ceremony.

  1. Remove every trace of the old name on the boat. This includes keychains, lifesavers and bags that you may find on the boat.
  2. Once everything with the old name has been removed, you’ll need a christening ceremony. Invite friends to the dock and bring some champagne.
  3. You will make a speech announcing the new name to the Gods, toast your newly-named boat and splash champagne across the hull. There is no need to break the champagne bottle on the boat!

If you need some ideas for naming your boat, we found a useful boat name generator to get the creative juices flowing!


Remember to have fun with the name and let it reflect you and your personality because more than likely you’ll be known by your boat name over your real name while out on the waters of Lake Norman.

You can count on Westport Marina to safely store your newly-named boat. Our dry boat storage facility is one of the largest on Lake Norman, offering 600-boat dry rack facility.