Know Your Boating Knots on Lake Norman

Knowing your boating knots is one of the best boating skills you can have while on Lake Norman. “Securely tying your boat to a dock or a pier or an anchor is critical in keeping your boat tied safely while you’re not underway,” says Lowry Hobbs of Westport Marina. “There are five basic boating knots that every boater on Lake Norman should know how to tie.”

5 Common Boating Knots You Should Know

  1. Cleat Hitch knot – the Cleat Hitch knot is easily one of the most used knots to tie boats to docks of all types. Obviously this knot is used to attach your boat to an existing cleat that is firmly secured on the dock.

    Westport Marina on Lake Norman shows you how to tie a Cleat Hitch knot.

  2. Bowline knot – the Bowline knot forms a fixed loop that is good to use on a cleat or a dock post. It is quick and easy to untie as        needed.

    Westport Marina on Lake Norman and the Bowline knot for boating.

  3. Anchor Bend knot – the Anchor Bend knot is the knot used to secure your boat anchor and tie the anchor to the boat.

    Westport Marina on Lake Norman with how to tie the Anchor Bend boating knot.

  4. Clove Hitch knot – the Clove Hitch knot is primarily used to tie your boat to a dock post and used for temporary mooring.

    Westport Marina on Lake Norman with the Clove Hitch boating knot.

  5. Figure Eight knot – the Figure Eight knot is as easy it sounds! The Figure Eight Knot is one of the strongest knots with a firm, non-slip loop at the end of the line. This line is so strong it is often used by rock climbers to hold their climbing gear. You must know how to tie this knot to securely hold your boat to mooring locations.

    Westport Marina on Lake Norman shows you how to tie the Figure 8 boating knot.

“Learning how to tie these boat knots will keep you safely secured to a dock, anchor or dock post around Lake Norman,” added Hobbs. “You really need some good rope, about twenty feet, so you have enough line to toss to somebody on the dock. The rest of the advice is to practice tying these knots while you’re at home so you can quickly use all five of these knots once you get on the lake.”

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