Lake Norman Boaters Boost National Boating Safety

Life jacket wear is one of the most important tips towards staying safe while on the waters of Lake Norman.

Earlier this week the U.S. Coast Guard released last year’s Recreational Boating Statistics. Lake Norman boaters helped lower the national number of boating fatalities to the lowest on record! Every year Westport Marina prioritizes boating safety and awareness as a forefront issue to the friends and families that come out to Lake Norman.

With people embracing life jacket wear, sober boating and boating education, the overall experience on Lake Norman is safer and more enjoyable for everyone. These have become the three not-so-secret national ingredients in decreasing fatal boating accidents, injuries and drownings.

“It’s not the most appealing topic, but tackling issues like boating injury, accidents and death has certainly helped us open the eyes of boat operators,” says Lowry Hobbs of Westport Marina. “It brings us much joy to know customers are out on the waters of Lake Norman actively practicing safe boating, so they can enjoy themselves and have a good time, not be the cause of unintentional harm to themselves or others.”

Recreational Boating Statistics

Below are some results of the national boating statistics report from 2011 to 2012:

  • Boating-related accidents decreased from 758 to 651 (14.1 percent decrease)
  • Injuries decreased from 3,081 to 3,000 (2.6 percent decrease)
  • Total reported recreational boating accidents decreased from 4,588 to 4,515 (1.6 percent decrease)
  • Fatality rate of 5.4 deaths per 100,000 registered recreational vessels decreased from 6.2 deaths per 100,000 registered recreational vessels (12.9 decrease)
  • The most common types of vessels involved in accidents were motorboats, personal watercrafts and cabin motorboats.

Although this report speaks volumes for the safe boating movement across America, there is still work to be done to achieve the ideal level of national safety. For example, alcohol use was the leading contributing factor in fatal boating accidents in 2012. In addition, people refusing to wear a life jacket continued to reign as the leading factor in drownings with 84 percent of drown victims not wearing a life jacket.

Westport Marina encourages boating education courses for anyone planning on spending any time behind the wheel of a boat.

“Considering 2012’s recreational boating statistics, we will continue to advocate life jacket wear, sober boating and boating education as resources to prolong safe boating nationwide,” says Hobbs. “By dedicating ourselves to these three causes, we can not only continue to decrease the injuries and deaths associated with boating, but also keep lake settings across the country as they are suppose to be, a source of fun, not harm!”

If you are heading out to Lake Norman this summer, remember to be safe and come check out Westport Marina. To learn more about safe boating at Lake Norman, call Lowry Hobbs with Westport Marina at (704) 483-5172 or email Lowry. We look forward to spreading more safe boating awareness to our community, so you and your loved ones can have fun and stay safe on Lake Norman!