Lake Norman Boating: Never Leave Shore Without These Items

Nothing can compare to a day of Lake Norman boating with your friends and family, but if you’re going to partake in this fun activity, you need to put safety first. Whether you’re a veteran or a first-timer, there are a few things you need to know before leaving the dock to ensure you and your passengers are safe.

Like a Boy Scout, the key to being a safe boater is being prepared. To ensure all North Carolina boaters are prepared and safe, certain laws have been put in place that we must all follow. These laws protect everyone. Below, you will find a full list of items that the state requires you to have on board.

Lake Norman Boating Checklist

Checklist for Lake Norman Boating

Other Safe Boating Items

You may also want to consider brining a first-aid kit. Minor accidents can happen. Having a first-aid kit ensures you’re ready for minor medical events, especially since you’ll be away from land (and immediate medical help). You can buy a first-aid kit at almost any pharmacy or general store. They should be equipped with bandages, scissors, gauze, saline solution and an ice pack.

Boating Lake NormanIt may seem obvious, but you should also pack plenty of water for you and your passengers. Your boat may be surrounded by water, but packing a few bottles of clean water and keeping them onboard is a good idea. Since most boating is done in warmer weather, it is best to keep everyone hydrated incase mechanical issues occur. People can get dehydrated quicker than you may think.

For more information about Lake Norman boating, boat rentals or boat storage, please call Westport Marina at 704-483-5172 or email us. We have everything you need for a fun and safe day out on the lake! And remember, have fun, but be safe and follow all North Carolina boating laws.