Lake Norman Dry Boat Storage Options To Keep Your Boat Safe

Our dry boat storage facilities are enclosed and secured after hours to ensure your boat reamins safe. 704-483-5172We are quickly approaching August, and before you know it, fall will return. As the seasons change, cooler weather will move in making Lake Norman boating less inviting as the warmer months. Now is the time to start thinking about where you will store your precious investment to keep it safe throughout the fall and winter seasons. For many boat owners, dry boat storage is the complete package for the protection and preservation of their vessel.

At Westport Marina, our dry boat storage combines ease, convenience and reassurance all into a single service for boat owners. Ease in the sense that their boat will be carefully removed from the water and stowed away in our facility without them having to lift a finger. Convenience in the sense that your boat will now have easy access to our service center if any issues developed over summertime usage, and reassurance that your boat is in a secure environment and out of the elements.

“We have three dry rack facilities that can house up to 200 boats in each. Our facilities are fully enclosed and secured after hours,” says Lowry Hobbs of Westport Marina. “We treat each boat as if it was our own, because we understand how important these aquatic machines are and the investment they represent.”

Benefits of Dry Boat Storage

If you have a small or medium-sized boat, dry boat storage is the easiest option for you. It offers you a variety of benefits, including:

  • Protection – Our enclosed facilities offer your boat protection from water damage and UV sun damage, which is the number one cause of boat deterioration. Dry boat storage keeps the finish and exposed upholstery of your boat looking new and fresh. You can enjoy the experience of owning your own boat, without the storage and maintenance issues of keeping it at home!
  • Prevents Pollution – When you store your boat with us, you keep Lake Norman’s beautiful waterways clean from the pollution associated with boating. These pollutants can be created from cleaning, sewage handling, washing, fueling and maintenance.
  • Extended Life – After the summer concludes and your boat is put away for the winter, it’s a great time to inspect your vessel. You will have convenient access to our service department if a mechanical issue has developed. Addressing minor service issues now can keep you from having a larger maintenance issue later, potentially extending the life of your boat.
  • Save Money – Since our professionals will be carefully handling your boat in and out of the water, you can save money on large vehicle, trailer and transportation costs.

The performance and appearance of our customer’s boats has benefitted from the year-round protection away from the weather’s relentless shifts. By offering different types of storage options to match your needs, you can easily couple a storage service type with your budget without over-spending.

Types of Dry Storage

Our enclosed facilities are just one storage option at Westport Marina. We also offer other kinds of dry boat storage options, including:

  • Outside Rack Storage – We can host up to 100 boats. Here we will hold your boat in a covered outside rack. Simply call in ahead of time when you want your boat taken out of storage, and we will use our forklift to retrieve it and have it ready to launch by the time you get here. 
  • Partially-Covered Outside Storage – Your boat will be protected from the top and both sides with this type of storage shelter.

“Our dry boat storage services all boil down to peace of mind for our customers,” says Hobbs. Dry boat storage is the best way to keep your boat safe during frigid winter months. 704-483-5172“Between our secure facilities, knowledgeable boating professionals and state-of-the-art equipment for hauling boats in and out of the water and storing them away, we are offering full-service care for your boat until the warm weather returns.”

To learn more about dry boat storage on Lake Norman, or if you have any other boating related questions, give us a call at Westport Marina at 704-483-5172 or email us. We look forward to providing the shelter your boat deserves now so you can enjoy many more years of boating fun!