Lake Norman Trivia We All Should Know

Thousands of people across the country enjoy visiting Lake Norman for its beauty and relaxation, but it’s actually a pretty interesting body of water. We discovered some facts about Lake Norman that you can share around the water cooler during the week!

  • With a surface area of 32,510 acres, Lake Norman is the largest manmade lake in North Carolina.
  • Lake Norman was created in 1963 when the Duke Power Company dammed the Catawba River to generate hydroelectric power.
  • It took almost five years for Lake Norman to fully take shape.
  • At the lake’s widest location, it stretches eight miles long.
  • Lake Norman is 34 miles long with over 520 miles of shoreline.
  • Lake Norman holds 3.4 trillion gallons of water, which are 1,093,600 acre-feet of water.
  • The deepest area in Lake Norman is over 100 feet.
  • The average depth of Lake Norman is 33 feet.
  • There is an urban legend that a sea monster lives in Lake Norman. Its nickname is Normie.
  • The lake got its name from Norman Atwater Cocke, a retired president of Duke Power.
  • The best marina on Lake Norman is Westport Marina, and it can be found in Denver at the southwest corner of the lake.

Lake Norman marina Westport Marina on the southwest section of Lake Norman in North Carolina.

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