The Legend of Normie: The Lake Norman Monster

We have all heard of the Loch Ness Monster. A creature that inhabits Loch Ness in Scotland. But have you heard of Normie, the legend that lives below the waters of Lake Norman?

For more than a decade, people have claimed to have seen a creature that they couldn’t quite explain. There have been a few theories on what people may have actually seen.

Where Did Normie Come From?

According to, a website dedicated to tracking Normie sightings, the lake monster could look like an overgrown alligator that was the result of a mutation caused by the nearby nuclear power plant.

Another story claims that crews with the Army Corps of Engineers came across a giant catfish that could swallow a human while making repairs to a structure in the Lake Norman, according to Needless to say, the repair crews never went back to investigate further. We don’t blame them!

Westport Marina found a website where people can post where they have seen Normie the Lake Norman monster.

Normie Captures National and International Attention

The legend of Normie has been put in the international spotlight!

A film crew from Japan spent three days last year trying to capture Normie. Captain Craig Price was assigned to help the film crew. He told Lake Norman Publications that on the second day while using a chicken as bait, another captain on the boat caught something on a 250-pound line. After a hard fought battle, the line cracked and the fight was over. Everyone on board the boat agreed that it was something much bigger than a catfish.

Normie has also been featured on an episode of Boogeymen, a series on Destination America, and also America’s Monsters on Amazon Prime Video.

But the legend of Normie isn’t meant to be scary. In fact, Amy Myers, a teacher in Huntersville, wrote a children’s book called “Normie: The Lake Norman Monster.” It tells the story of Normie and his search for friends on Lake Norman.

Normie Sightings

On, boaters, fishers and swimmers can post about their own Normie sightings. We found one submission from 2015 about a sighting near Westport!

The post says, “I was reeling in a bass and I went to pull it on the boat and a thing, monster (Normie) ate my fish. I waited around to see it again but it never surfaced.”  

Westport Marina actually just posted a picture on our social media from Lake Norman Currents that shows what could be Normie coming out of the waters! Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tell us what you think you see.

Westport Marina found a picture of a possible sighting on Normie, the Lake Norman Monster.

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Happy Normie hunting!