National Safe Boating Week Starts Saturday!

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With Memorial Day fast approaching, it’s important to remember the tenants of boat safety. That’s why the National Safe Boating Council announced that May 16th through the 22nd will be National Safe Boating Week!


The kickoff for National Safe Boating Week is the “Ready, Set, Wear It!” event taking place around the world on May 16th. Boating enthusiasts are encouraged to wear life jackets to participate in the world record for most life jackets worn and inflatable life jackets inflated at once!


Last year 6,973 people participated in nine countries around the world to set a new life jacket world record! The event promotes the values of safe boating in a fun and interesting way.


Boating is a fun way to have summer fun, but it can also sometimes be dangerous. According to statistics compiled by the United States Coast Guard in 2013 there were 560 boating related deaths. Most of these deaths were caused by drowning and 84% of those who drowned were not wearing life jackets. These accidents are tragic, but simply wearing a life jacket at all times while boating could prevent many of these tragedies.


The “Ready, Set, Wear It!” world record event is just another reminder that life jackets aren’t always bulky and uncomfortable. Many designs are lightweight and comfortable. There are even inflatable life jackets now that are barely noticeable until they are inflated. Really, with today’s personal flotation devices there’s no excuse not to be safe while boating!

So when you’re boating on Lake Norman this summer, remember to always wear a life jacket. If you need help finding a life jacket that suits your needs, or just more information about boating safety contact the friendly staff of Westport Marina on Lake Norman!