Celebrate Safe Boating Week on Lake Norman

Every year Westport Marina on Lake Norman participates in the National Safe Boating Week safety campaign. This year’s national Safe Boating Week is May 20-26, 2017. “We place a large importance on our boat owners and boat renters to know their safety when they come to Lake Norman to enjoy a weekend or day on the lake,” said Lowry Hobbs of Westport Marina. “We just ask our boating customers to be aware of all of the safety resources available to help educate them about safety on the lake and in their boat.”

Boat Safety Days – Daily Boat Safety Events

May 19, 2017 – Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day – Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day, hosted by the National Safe Boating Council, is celebrated each year just prior to National Safe Boating Week, the official launch of the North American Safe Boating Campaign. This is a fun, educational way to heighten awareness of different life jacket types, including inflatable life jackets, and demonstrate their comfort and versatility by wearing them to work.

Lake Norman Westport Marina encourages you to wear your life jacket!

May 20, 2017Ready, Set, Wear It! Life Jacket World Record Day – This one-day event is part of the North American Safe Boating Campaign – simply known as Wear It! – a yearlong effort that brings together boating safety partners across the U.S. and Canada to promote safe and responsible boating, including voluntary, consistent wear of life jackets.

Top-Ranking States for Reported Boating Accidents

  • Florida: 671
  • California: 369
  • New York: 174
  • North Carolina: 162
  • Texas: 154
  • Maryland: 146
  • South Carolina: 123
  • New Jersey: 123
  • Missouri: 109
  • Tennessee/Washington (tie): 107

“Being aware of boating safety, life jacket requirements and personal safety will increase your fun whether you are renting a boat from us or using our beautiful marina to store, launch and dock your boat,” said Hobbs. “Our entire goal is to provide a fun and safe place for boaters of all ages and skill levels to get together, enjoy Lake Norman and have a safe time.”

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