Spring Season Lake Norman Boat Rentals

Lake Norman Skiing Let’s face it, sometimes buying or owning a boat just isn’t in the cards. As fun as they are to own, they require attention, responsibility and can be expensive. If you’re someone who loves boating but can’t justify owning a boat, renting one is the way to go.

At Westport Marina, we’re the go-to provider for Lake Norman boat rentals. Families, friends, couples and vacationers come to us every year to get a taste of the boating life and cruise the open water of our beautiful lake. We provide many different boats in many different styles to match our customers needs and desires.

It’s no secret, if you’re looking for an experience on Lake Norman, you rent a boat from us.

Lake Norman Boat Rentals for Your Spring Break

Ok, so not everyone gets a “spring break” like students, but there’s no reason why you can’t carve out a little time for yourself this year and enjoy the season. Spring is a great time to visit Lake Norman and rent a boat. The weather is just warm enough, and everything is blooming and colorful. There’s no better way to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty of mother nature.

Some of the boat types we rent include:

  • Pontoons – Our pontoon boats are great options if you’re looking to gather a group of friends or family members for a fun and relaxing day on the water. They are spacious and can accommodate up to 12 people. They are also a great choice if you’re looking for a leisurely outing or a romantic date. 
  • Fishing Boats – Easily navigate to your favorite honey hole using by renting one of our fishing boats. They even come equipped with a fish finder. They are also good for casual boat rides, tubing and almost any other boating activity. Spacing is limited; they can accommodate up to six people.
  • Ski Boats – If you love adventure and the thrill of speed and maneuverability, then you’ll love our ski boats. Equipped with a 190 horsepower – 4.4 liter engine, a media docking station and enough space to accommodate up to eight people, you and your friends will have a blast. Our marina store also has all the boating toys, tubes and accessories you’ll need to go with it.

Lake Norman boat rentalsWe are located in the popular, south end of Lake Norman and offer convenient access to some of the lake’s most popular destinations.

To learn more about our Lake Norman boat rentals or Westport Marina, please call us at 704-483-5172 or email us. We look forward to being your source for fun and relaxation this spring with our amazing boat rentals!