Supporting National Safe Boating Week on Lake Norman

National Boat Safety week on Lake Norman (704) 483-5172Our highest priority every year for clients is safe and responsible boating. With National Safe Boating Week (May 18-24, 2013), Memorial Day Weekend, as well as boating season quickly approaching, it’s important Lake Norman boat operators refresh themselves on the safest boating protocols. We work everyday to help our community identify with boating safety, specifically life jacket wear, through our boat rental services.

According to a study sponsored by the Coast Guard in 2011, life jacket wear rates were low for boaters who were not participating in activities that legally require wearing a life jacket (primarily skiers, children, personal watercraft occupants). Studies continuously conlcude that 90% of drowning victims were not wearing a life jacket. As the data reflects, a day of fun-in-the-sun can quickly turn into an emergency situation without the continuous wear of a life jacket while on the water.

“This year we will continue to educate our clients about the ensured safety life jackets provide,” explains Lowry Hobbs of Westport Marina. “That’s why we are collaborating our safety efforts to support “Wear It!,” a national campaign advocating safe boating to expand our community’s understanding of responsible boating.”

Wear It! was created by the U.S. Coast Guard. It encourages boaters to create a network of consistent operators across the country who embrace and communicate the importance of life jacket wear, as well as describes the jacket options available to you. Our boat rentals come fully-stocked with approved life jackets for everyone boarding the vesel. Wear It! is an excellent informational resource for you to familiarize yourself with, considering the upcoming season is around the corner.

Life Jacket Benefits

Below are a few benefits of wearing a life jacket while on the water:

  • Floatation – life jackets provide the greatest amount of dependable floatation in any situation.
  • Respiratory Safety – most life jackets turn unconscious wearers face-up.
  • Visible – most life jackets come in bright colors, so you can easily be noticed while in the water.
  • Search and Rescue – Majority of safety jackets have various reflective materials on them, so if an emergency situation were to arise, you could easily be spotted by resuce personel.
  • Sizing – with a large spectrum of approved sizes, everyone can be protected from infants to adults.

Life Jacket Checklist

As you prepare for your outing on the water, it’s important to run through a checklist and ask yourself the following questions to ensure you are safely protected with a floatation device:

  1. Does my life jacket keep my chin above the water, giving me easy access to breathing?
  2. Does the life jacket I’m using meet the United States Coast Guard regulations?
  3. Is my life jacket the right size, and does it fit comfortably?
  4. Has this life jacket been trial-tested?
  5. Do my passengers have properly fitting, comfortable life jackets?

Whether you’re renting a boat from Westport Marina or not, we highly suggest boaters run through these questions as an additional safety measure so they are certain that once they are on the water they can enjoy their time with family and friends, instead of being worried if everyone has the correct life jacket on.

“We look forward to providing our community with memorable Lake Norman experiences in the safest way possible,” says Hobbs. “Your safety and enjoyment are our main priorities!”National Boat Safety week on Lake Norman (704) 483-5172

To learn more about our boat rental services or to learn more about National Safe Boating Week, call Lowry Hobbs with Westport Marina at (704) 483-5172, or email Lowry. We look forward to helping you have one of your best and safest summers on the water yet!