The Best Tubes on Lake Norman

Are you ready for a fun filled day of tubing on the waters of Lake Norman? Before you tie-up and hold on for dear life, you’ll want to pick out the perfect tube. In addition to our boat rentals, Westport Marina carries an impressive selection of tubes that will surely feed your need for speed, adrenaline and adventure. Some of our most popular models include:

The Double Dog

Saddle up with a partner and prepare for a thrilling ride behind the boat of your choice. This two-person tube is great for any family or social outing. Whether you’re seeking a slow or a fast ride through the wake, this model provides hours of enjoyment.

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Blast and Chill

The Blast and Chill tubes are standard models, appropriate for all thrill seekers. You can either sit inside the tube or lay across the top. Rentals for these tubes start at just $20.

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Airhead Slide

Believe it or not, there is a group of young men in Indiana trying to make tubing an Olympic sport! Their favorite tube for outrageous tricks? Airhead’s Slide 1 rider, 56 in. (deflated) triangular tube. The secure and comfortable grip with the 4 deluxe nylon-wrapped handles and neoprene knuckle guards give you plenty of freedom to create your own style of tubing.

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Big Bertha 

Get ready for big fun with the all-new BIG BERTHA! This giant four-person classic action towable is updated with state of the art features such as a new air cushioned floor, non slip cushioned handles with padded knuckle guards and a fast and easy Quick Connect tow system. If fits up to four riders, but can also be used for one, two or three riders.

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Big Mable

With the versatile Sportsstuff Mable, you can utilize a variety of riding options. This large tube has dual tow points, so you can go for a wild ride using the comfy backrest, or you can be towed in the opposite direction, for a chariot-style blast you will never forget.

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Airhead Mach 2

Don’t be intimidated by its name. As a double-rider cockpit tube, it provides a safe and comfortable seat for timid and young riders. But don’t let that fool you. It is an exciting ride that can really thrash through the wake.

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For more information on the tubes at Westport Marina or for boat rentals, stop by our marina store or call us at (704) 483-5172. We sell and rent a variety of tubes, perfect for a fun day on Lake Norman!