The Fall is Perfect for Lake Norman Boating

Lake Norman Pic AWhen people think of fall they usually envision football, hayrides and pumpkin patches. But, this time of the year is also perfect for Lake Norman boating.

“Lake Norman doesn’t really have an off-season,” said Lowry Hobbs of Westport Marina. “It always has something to offer. In the fall, the weather is just cool enough, and the lake is usually less crowded. We get a lot of boaters who love taking advantage of this time of year.”

Site Seeing: A Lake Norman Boating Treat

There is nothing like sitting back and cruising the waters of Lake Norman, but this time of the year provides an extra treat. In addition to enjoying the cooler weather, the fall season causes the leaves to change colors. All along the banks of our beautiful lake, colors mix and mash in vibrant colors of brown, orange, green, red and yellow. Slow down and enjoy Mother Nature’s show.

The fall season also makes for some great bird watching. As different species of birds make their way south for the winter, many stop by Lake Norman for a bite to eat and a drink of water. Geese, swans and herrings all provide a great entertainment.

Sunsets: A Lake Norman Boating Treasure

Now that fall is here, you may have noticed that the sunsets a lot early than it did in the summer. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the sun usually starts to descend around 7 p.m. This is the perfect time to grab the family and enjoy a nice boat ride while watching the sunset.


As the sun begins to set, the final light of the day dances across the water and fills the sky with beautiful colors of pink, blue, purple and red. It creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and good conversation.

“Regardless of how you enjoy boating on Lake Norman this fall, be sure to bring your camera,” said Hobbs. “The changing of seasons and Lake Norman’s natural charm makes from some great pictures.”

As you take advantage of this great season for Lake Norman boating, remember to stop by Westport Marina for all your boating needs. We even offer boat rentals! For more information call us at 704-483-5172 or email us. We look forward to helping you discover all the treats and treasures Lake Norman has in store for you this fall!