Top 3 Reasons to Boat with Dad this Father’s Day

Father's Day Boating - Westport Marina

Father’s Day is coming this week, and if you’re a boater or fisherman you probably have your dad to thank for teaching you the ropes.

You may have fond memories of fishing with your dad off the dock, having him bait the hook for you because you were too scared to touch the worms. Maybe you remember pops best when he was on the boat, the captain of the family’s skiff.

Or perhaps your husband is a great father to your kids, and wants to pass along his love of boating to the next generation.

Whoever the dad in your life is, he deserves the best this Father’s Day. Whether he’s a master angler or just enjoys whiling away summer afternoons, boating is a perfect way to spend time together!

Here are the Top 3 Reasons to Boat with Dad:

Spend Quality Time

Boating is perfect for activities like tubing, waterskiing and fishing. Most dads would love nothing more than an afternoon of fishing with friends and family. Lake Norman is a beautiful landscape, and with its 32,000 acres of waves to explore, you can captain an adventure that the whole family will remember!

Bring Family Together

Family time is so important. Between kids in summer camps and extracurricular activities and parents with workplace obligations – it’s sometimes hard to find time to spend together as a family. But making time for family is crucial for emotional health and happiness – not to mention it’s fun!


Cruising around the pristine waters of Lake Norman is enough to put anyone’s mind at ease! Have dad act as captain and let him guide you through a relaxing day of fishing or just soaking up the summer sun.

Whatever you choose to do for Father’s Day, make sure to tell your husband and/or father how much you appreciate him and all he’s done for your family.

Happy Father’s Day Dads!

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