Top 5 Reasons For Pontoon Boat Rentals This Spring

renting a pontoon boat on Lake Norman

Pontoons boat rentals are very popular at Westport Marina. With their versatility and capacity, they are the perfect vessels for a fun day out on Lake Norman.

The activities that you, your friends and family can enjoy with a pontoon boat rental are endless. There is something for everyone. The kids can fish on the spacious deck while the adults bask in the sunshine and catch some rays. If it’s adventure you seek, you can try tubing or skiing. No matter what you plan to do, with a pontoon boat on Lake Norman, you will make memories and smiles that will last a lifetime.

If you still need convincing that renting a pontoon boat is the thing to do this spring, we’ve compiled the top 5 reasons you should rent one from Westport Marina.

  1. Celebrate – There is a reason pontoon boats have earned the nickname “party boats.” With their spacious floor layouts, they are the obvious choice for outings with a group of friends and family. We offer two different models of pontoon boats, and both of them can accommodate up to 12 people. Add in the fact that you can listen to music by plugging in your MP3 player, iPhone or iPod, and you’ve got yourself a fun-filled party – perfect for any celebration.   
  2. Something Different – How many times can you go to the movies, go out to dinner or spend the day doing yard work? Over time, these events can become boring and part of routine. Why not try something different and exciting like renting a pontoon boat? With one of North Carolina’s largest lakes in your backyard, it would almost be a crime if you didn’t get out and take advantage of it.
  3. Relax – There’s nothing like winding down after a long, stressful week, and there’s no better place to do it than on a pontoon boat. Picture it – the wind gently blowing in your hair, the sun shining on the water and the blue skies overhead as you cruise through the open waters of Lake Norman. A day out on the lake is a perfect escape and a pontoon boat is the perfect get-a-way.
  4. Lake Norman in the Spring – If you haven’t seen Lake Norman from the waters during April or May, you’re missing out. With the flowers in bloom, trees coming alive with shades of green and the wildlife blissfully playing about, there’s nothing prettier. The spring season is also known for creating ideal conditions for fishing, which can easily be done on the spacious deck of your pontoon rental.
  5. Beating the Summer Rush – Memorial Day weekend traditionally kicks off the summer, but why wait until then to get out on Lake Norman and enjoy it? With the weather in the high 70’s/low 80’s and the water less crowded, now is a great time to rent a pontoon boat and enjoy our lake.

How to rent a pontoon boat on Lake NormanA pontoon boat rental is the best way to add some extra fun, relaxation and adventure into your week, and there’s no better place to rent one than from Westport Marina. Our 2014 Crest II Premium pontoons and our 2014 Crest II Standard pontoons are waiting for you to take them out!

For more information about Westport Marina’s pontoon boat rentals, give us a call at 704-483-5172 or email us. We look forward to providing you an amazing outing on one of our awesome pontoon boats!