Tubing Lake Norman in 3 Easy Steps

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Tubing Lake Norman is a popular activity that’s fun for the whole family. Tubing is a relatively simple sport to master: sit on the tube and hold on for dear life! It’s a great way to enjoy the speed and adrenaline of water skiing but without the learning curve. Kids and parents alike both enjoy the thrill of tubing, and it’s easy to learn how to do!

1. The Boat

The first thing you’ll need, of course, is a boat. If you’re not a boat owner, you can always rent a boat from Westport Marina. We have a wide selection of high quality boats perfect for water skiing and tubing.

2. The Safety Equipment

The next thing you’ll need is the proper safety equipment. Tubing is fun, but it almost always ends in the tuber splashing down in the water. That’s why a properly fitting personal flotation device is extremely important before getting on the tube.

You’ll also want to have a sturdy tow-rope that you check thoroughly and attach securely to the boat.

3. The Tube

And, of course, you’ll need the tube itself. There are many different styles of tubes to choose from. Some tubes are round and others are more aerodynamically shaped. Another difference is the size. Bigger tubes will be able to carry more people. Westport Marina rents several types of tubes for all experience levels.

If you’re looking for a one-person tube, Westport rents the triangular Airhead Slide tube and the standard round style Blast or Chill tubes for only $20 a day.

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For an exciting two-person experience while tubing Lake Norman, rent the Double Dog tube, which is shaped like a hot dog, or the triangular Airhead Slice for $30 a day.

Lake Norman tubingtubing at Westport Marina Lake Norman

No matter which type of tube you choose, you’re sure to have an exciting day with lots of fun in the sun for the whole family! The qualified, friendly staff at Westport Marina can help get you started on your adventure tubing Lake Norman and make sure you have the best day possible!