4 Tips to Water Skiing on Lake Norman

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Water skiing is an exciting and fun way to enjoy Lake Norman this summer. There’s nothing like the exhilarating feeling of riding through the lake on water skis! However, if you’ve never waterskied before it can be an intimidating prospect. But don’t worry Westport Marina can get you started on your way to being a waterskiing master!


Rent a Boat

Of course, water skiing requires a boat! Westport Marina is Lake Norman’s leader in boat rentals, including ski boats. Westport Marina’s ski boats are outfitted with powerful 190hp engines to keep the fast fun going all day! Visit our boat rental page for more information on renting a water skiing boat.



The most important aspect of beginning water skiing is safety. Always wear a lifejacket, and be sure that it fits snuggly so that it does not move in the event of a fall. Inspect all tow ropes and other equipment on dry land before heading out into the water. Also, be sure that your water skis fit your feet and are not loose or damaged. Since water ski sizes and styles are unique to each skier’s body and experience level, Westport Marina does not carry rental skis. Find a qualified dealer in your area to help you find skis that fit you.



Water skiing requires certain body positions and form to be successful. Practice these basic forms to make sure that you’re comfortable with them before going on the water. For example, the “Cannonball Position” is how most water skiiers start while partially submerged in the water. Transitioning from this position to proper water skiing position requires some practice, which should be done before getting in the water.


Hand Signals

Another important aspect of staying safe while water skiing is communicating with the boat’s driver. Since the skier will be towed dozens of feet behind a noisy boat engine, hand signals are used to communicate. There are several important hand signals to know while water skiing that allow you to tell the driver to speed up, slow down, that you’re okay, or that you need help. Knowing these hand signals are important to having a fun and safe day water skiing on Lake Norman.

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If you have any questions about boat rental or anything else related to boating on Lake Norman contact Westport Marina today! Our friendly staff will be happy to help you get on your way to a perfect lake adventure this summer.