Dry Storage vs. Wet Slips on Lake Norman

Lake Norman Dry Dock Storage 704-483-5172Whether you enjoy spending the day cruising in the sun with your family or fishing for bragging rights with friends, boats and other water vessels are investments that can bring a wealth of fun-filled memories. Storing your boat or jet-ski at a marina with dry  storage capabilities is one way to protect your investment and extend its value. Like any investment, boats should be cared for to ensure a long lifetime of operation.

“Our dry storage services will keep your boat protected from seasonal damage related to keeping your boat unprotected on land, or corrosive damage from keeping your boat in the water,” says Lowry Hobbs of Westport Marina. “Your boat can be safely stored in our fully enclosed, secured facilities whenever you please 365 days of the year!”

Wet and dry storage are two common methods for stowing a boat when it isn’t in use. Wet storage is when you store your boat in the water or in a wet slip. It can be a good option for those who are always coming and going on the lake, but it doesn’t provide the protection and security that dry storage offers. Dry storage ensures your boat is safe and out of the elements.

Vessels stored in a wet slip are more vulnerable to storms and water damage  Bad weather and excessive water can bring unwanted problems like a damaged hull, mildew, faded paint, mold, or mechanical issues. Storing your boat in a dry, enclosed environment can keep cosmetic defects and costly repairs at bay. Dry storage is a wise and more cost effective option if you are looking to preserve your boat’s beauty and performance.

Benefits of Dry Storage

As the most convenient storage option for small and medium-sized boats, dry storage offers you many benefits, including:

  • Convenient access to your boat year round
  • Responsive on-demand launch and haul-out services
  • Protection from UV sun damage, the number one cause of boat deterioration
  • Prevents dockside galvanic corrosion from adjacent, improperly grounded vessels
  • Saves you money on truck, trailer and transport costs

“We offer four different kinds of dry storage options to our customers” explains Lowry. “We do this so our customers have control over how their boat is stored for further assurance that it’s safe.” Lake Norman Dry Dock Storage 704-483-5172

The ideal storage option will give you the freedom and easy access wet storage provides, as well as the peace of mind you get with dry storage. Boat owners who choose Westport Marina get the best of both worlds. Your boat will be preserved in a clean facility when you don’t need it and quickly in the water when you do need it.

When considering the best way to store your boat, remember the numerous advantages of dry storage. To learn more about dry storage or if you have any other marina-related questions, contact Westport Marina at 704-483-5172 or email us. We look forward to keeping your boat safe year-round whenever you need it stored away!